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Good thing takes time to shine.
We aren't the industry star yet but we are the rising star.

Parcellah is an e-commerce shipping solution provider which cater to all your delivery needs. Raging from documents, parcels to perishable and fragile items namely foodstuffs and flowers, we get it all covered!

Our philosophy is to realise the economy of delivery by bringing all small businesses together and to enable them to enjoy the affordable shipping rate which they could not acquire from major courier service providers. Whether you are tech-savvy, we guarantee that our platform is simple and easy on its navigation as we always want you to spend time on your business performance than on minor tasks particularly shipping and delivery.

What differentiates us from other e-commerce shipping provider is our speedy delivery. Items can be dispatched out as soon as payment made. Apart from that, paperless delivery procedure is also our main highlight. As the word ‘e-commerce’ suggests, we simplify your delivery procedure by only requiring you to drop-off your items and that’s it! No more printing and filling up notes by yourself as it will all be performed online. It’s totally fine if you have plenty of items to be delivered as we are available in pick-up delivery too.

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How It Work

3 Simple Steps To Ship Orders

Shipping Is Just A Piece Of Cake When Deliver With Parcellah!

Create Your Account
Drop-Off / Pick-Up

Simply drop your items at our drop-off point or contact us for pick-up.

Select Your Destination
Information Fill-Out & Submit

Fill Up Shipping Details and Confirm Before Submission.

Make A Reservation
Make Payment

Items Will Be Shipped Out After Payment Made.

Why Parcellah? We Never Overpromised.

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